When beauty is an art form

Brand positioning, digital strategy & communication
A beauty digital experience
For 30 years I Coloniali has succeeded in offering a pleasant escape from daily life, where body, mind and spirit combine in harmony with nature. What was our task? Relaunching the historical brand and its body and beauty care products by developing a new brand identity and brand territory conveying the brand’s strengths and iconic character in a contemporary way. Art and wellbeing, hedonism and spices, nature and harmony are the brand values at the core of the new Coloniali storytelling. They recount its holistic approach to beauty by means of an integrated and multichannel communication plan, with a strong focus on the digital channels. The plan was launched first in Italy then in further markets by leveraging on the great synergy among The Ad Store Group agencies.
A new approach to beauty
The world of beauty is often made of contrasting inspirations, especially on the digital channels. This is why we developed a digital content strategy that would overcome the classical stereotypes related to women’s beauty. Based on our strategy, the brand lets its “super-ingredients” do the talking in an evocative and multi-sense storytelling both on social media and the website, now more experiential.
From digital to retail
Engagement and drive-to-store are the objectives of I Coloniali’s communication strategy, as well as the creation of a connection between online and offline in a consistent, streamlined and integrated way. From content strategy & production to a digital media plan, from the definition of the right audiences to the engagement of beauty influencers up till in-store activations in beauty stores, every driver strengthens the positioning, the promise and the outstanding wellness experience of I Coloniali.