Smart & Fashionable

GOODMATCH evolution
Ready to wear, ready to sell
Born as a female sportswear brand, in 2015 GOODMATCH began an international repositioning and development operation. GOODMATCH’s new brand identity revolved around the added value and the appeal of true Italian fashion, which was imbued in all of its communications — website, events, adv campaigns.
Active, easy, chic: the good match every woman wants
GOODMATCH deconstructs classic female couture creating a contemporary, active and dynamic mood. It has a sober and internationally-oriented style where the woman is the real focus with an important brand promise: only GOODMATCH offers the perfect match between style, individuality, and comfort, allowing women to be stylish in every occasion in a smart and easy way.
Fashion victims, bloggers, fashionistas, trend setters, influencers...the list is almost endless! GOODMATCH offers a smart way to fashion, a friendly and drama-free experience. In the campaign photo shoot, the real protagonist is an exciting and fun combination of elements, ideal for any woman who wants to express herself.
“I had heard about the excellent know-how of the Ad Store in the fashion sector but I still hadn't had the chance of working with them. When I arrived the agency, I had an ambitious project in mind and what I expected from them were culture, professionalism and a lot of creativity. Well, they haven't disappointed me, so much so that now I consider the Ad Store the perfect partner for me and my brand. Together we have created an integrated communication project, which gave back to GOODMATCH its international appeal through branding and ADV campaigns as well as online & offline communications."
Vincenzo Bocchi, CEO - GOODMATCH